Thank you, Scott, for all the great recommendations over the years!"

Holy Moly! Just got the delivery and despite better judgement (which dictates allowing wine to rest after shipping), we opened a bottle immediately... WOW! ;-) Great wine, great call on your part in nailing it.
— Lisa F.
Scott is a reliable source of some of the best wines at reasonable prices that I’ve ever had over the past 10 years.
— Larry L.
We received our wines yesterday. We tried the Casas Del Bosque 1012 Syrah. Just delicious! Best bottle of wine I have ever had for $19. Please keep me posted on wines that are this good at such a great value. Thanks!
— Terry W.
I appreciate having you as friend and professional peer. I’ve poached your recommendations more than once with never anything but complete amazement & satisfaction on the bottles. No surprise, given your knowledge and expertise in all things wine. Thanks for sharing your palate and passion!
— Lisa G., CS, CSW
Thank you very much for following up so efficiently on my client’s gift. It will really help solidify our relationship. Your choices were all very clear and well described.
— Marshall K.
We are sipping a bottle of the 2005 Saxon Brown Parmerlee Hill Stonewall Block Zin which we bought from you long ago. It has developed beautifully and reminds us of the many pleasures you have provided for us over the years. Thanks, Scott!
— Bill S.
Last night, we had the last of the Peterson Pinots that you turned us on to. This was a ‘99 and it was genuinely fantastic—as good as any California Pinot Noir I’ve ever had. Seriously! We toasted you for your guidance. Thanks.
— Tom P.
What an anniversary gift, you stud, you! The ‘06 Silver Oak was awesome!! Thanks for giving the suggestion to Princess. Go ahead and give me the full case of ‘07 Mueller. The girls love it too. Will pass it on.
— Steve S.