I seek out, research, and obtain low production, high quality premium and ultra premium fine wines and help put them on the dinner tables of my clients.

My colleagues and I taste over 1,000 wines per year and then I select approximately 10% as my personal recommendations for you—all from our headquarters in the heart of the Sonoma-Napa North Coast Wine Country. 

I have access to some of the wines you read about in the trade and review journals but can never seem to locate.

I am either getting you access to top quality wines before they are reviewed or at discount prices after they have been highly reviewed. This is often at a time when the names may not be familiar to you. We can do this because we obtain wines on their own merit.

Because of this strategy, we are often ahead of the industry "power curve." While others in our business are "chasing reviews" (waiting for the wines to become rated), we are already getting these wines for your cellar. My services are like hiring your own personal wine-evaluation staff, but without the salary.

Whether you're looking for wines to add to your personal cellar, something unique to mark an important occasion, or a special gift, my personalized services are unparalleled.

Personalized Recommendations

I compare tasting notes with my clients on a regular basis, taking copious notes in order to help insure that I am fulfilling your every wine-related need. I keep my clients up to date on industry related matters via my e-newsletter, blog and individual client telephone calls.

My intention is that you will always feel "plugged in" to the Sonoma/Napa/international wine world, even though you may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.